Kawamata Farms

Kamuela’s Finest Produce. Innovative Hydroponics. Hawaii Grown.

At Kawamata Farms, it’s a family tradition to grow Kamuela’s Finest™ produce. Using innovative hydroponic science, we aim to inspire a future generation of farmers and contribute to the food security of Hawaii.

Our Story

At Kawamata Farms, our roots run deep. Our story begins with Naoji Kawamata, a fisherman, who moved from Oahu’s North Shore to the Big Island of Hawaii in 1952. Naoji purchased 17 acres in Kamuela, where he and his wife Doris grew vegetables and raised their 7 children. Over half a century and three generations later, Kawamata Farms is a leader in the state of Hawaii in specialty hydroponic farming.

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Kamuela’s Finest

Hawaii grown, for Hawaii consumers, we pride ourselves in growing Kamuela’s Finest™ tomatoes and cucumbers. Farmed using a state-of-the-art hydroponic system, Kawamata Farms produce has incredible flavor and consistent taste you can count on. Find our products in your local grocery store or restaurants across the Aloha State.

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Why Hydroponics?

Healthier plants, delicious results. Hydroponic farming is the key to a superior product our customers love. Did you know that hydroponic growing systems conserve resources while producing more intensively than traditional farming methods? There’s a reason it’s called “the future of farming”.

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Happy Customers

We grow Kamuela’s Finest™ produce for happy customers across the islands. Here’s what they say about us:

"I love Kamuela Tomatoes - right off the vine and sliced."
— Kerry S., Puako Hawaii
"They taste like sunshine!"
— April D., Honolulu, Hawaii
"I love Kawamata Farms produce. High quality tomatoes and the fact that it’s local and family run is even better."
— Flora K., Kona, Hawaii